Timpani ADAMS Symphonic Gen II PASYIIKG

20.500,00 (zawiera VAT)

Timpani ADAMS Symphonic Gen II PASYIIKG, smooth copper.


Adams Symphonic timpani has proved its merits in the world of orchestras, conservatorium, bands and schools. Improving upon the existing Symphonic model, the Symphonic 2 timpani suits the stringent requirements on sound and durability nowadays. The Symphonic 2 bowl is suspended from a new chrome plated steel ring, and is supported by extra strong struts. These changes help maximize the pitch focus, and sustain from any of the four bowl types.

New double-wheel locking casters and wider stance base legs, provide more stability and manoeuvrability than previously available. The solid construction prevents any problems during transport. The kettle is made from a single sheet of red copper pressed by deep drawn methods. This has the great advantage of maintaining the same thickness throughout the kettle which is extremely important for a good sound.

Symphonic 2 timpani are offered in five bowl diameters, 20”-23”-26”-29”-32” and come with tuning gauges, covers, mutes, tuning keys, and Remo Renaissance heads.


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